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I can tell you how good everything is... but what do our customers say?
So many compliments to share! From customers with and without food allergies, they keep coming back for more! 

Words from a bride: "...And the cake? I literally ate it for breakfast this morning and it and the cupcakes were the only things I militantly protected and obsessed over being carefully packed up. The cupcakes are FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL. Everyone was oohing and aahing and complimenting them and your amazing skills. Thank you SO MUCH for EVERYTHING! You have been amazing and I promise to collect every picture the photographers and others got and send them to you and leave you every possible 5 star review on all the directories and online places."

Words from another bride: "Thank you so, so much. The cake was stunning in the setting and it was delicious! There was plenty to go around and we even have extra! I am hoping the photographer got some good pics but here is one! Thank you again!!"

"I don't even like chocolate but these cupcakes are delicious!"

"I didn't get a chance to grab one but my father in law said that was the best, most moist cupcake he's ever had!"

"And that cake was fantastic. Had more of it today. There wasn't much leftover but there was a little... everybody loved the cake, both the way it looked and the way it tasted. I got so many comments on it. Hopefully you'll get some more business from it."

"Thank u for the amazing cupcakes! The kids loved them. So many passerby’s commented on how clever they were. The chocolate chips in the cake was an awesome surprise! I did give ur info to several folks."

"Allyson did a phenomenal job with our daughter's first birthday cake! Her theme was Fairest ONE of All" and Allyson nailed the Snow White theme! She completed her smash cake for her photo shoot as well as her party cake and I am sooo glad I went with Allyson! She was very responsive and communicative! I will be using Allyson for all of our cakes from here on out... as long as she is okay with that :)"

"Everyone lovvveeddd the cake!! A few adults said no at first to cake and then found out it was one of yours and said oh ya I need some!"

"We ordered spring/Easter cupcakes for my food allergy daughter. They were so beautiful and delicious! It's been so hard to find allergy friendly treats that actually taste good too. Allyson was so easy to work with, responsive, nice and accomodating. I can't wait to place another order with her! 10/10 recommend!!"

""The party LOVED the cake and cupcakes. I'm giving your info to a family friend!"

"Your desserts were a huge hit!!! Soooo many people asked who made them! Actually even my husband has been raving about how good the cakes and cupcakes were and usually he doesn't have much of an opinion."

"We loved them - they came out perfectly AND everyone at the party could enjoy one - even those with food allergies/sensitivities."

“Thank you so much! My 4 year old kept asking if it was ok for him to have his cake because he’s so used to being told he’s not allowed. It was delicious and I’ll definitely be ordering another one for my other son’s 17th birthday in the end of November.”

"I can’t thank you enough - the cupcakes were a big hit at our party, everyone asked me where I got them and everyone agreed they were delicious! And just so pretty. Madison said it was the best cupcake she’s ever had. I’ll definitely have to make the drive to you every year!"

"Thank you for a delicious cake!!! Everybody loved it! My and indeed your buttercream was really good. My sister in law said it was probably the best cake she ever had. Thank you!!! <3"

"The cakes were a huge success. I've never seen kids so enthralled with looking at cakes. They were all gathered around me pointing at them and remarking how cool they looked. I had to tell them to go sit down just so I could cut them."

"Allyson baked and decorated a beautiful and elegant cake for me last weekend. She allowed me to customize the design in my mind eye. She was reasonably priced, professional and most importantly, my guests loved the cake."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much again to Allyson. The cupcakes were amazing!!! So delicious!! It's hard to find such an amazing baker when you have dietary restrictions. Will be definitely ordering more soon!"

"Allyson, this cake is even more gorgeous in person!"

"This cake is beyond fabulous. People are going crazy, it is so moist and delicious. I'm giving your name out."

"I have to say, you will be my go to person for cakes for my daughters moving forward. If you ever decide to retire from cake making you'll have to share your secret for making (vegan) vanilla cake that doesn't have the density of biscuits."

"The texture of the cakes was perfect, you could not tell they didn't have eggs. Everyone was impressed and they entirely got eaten, by both children and adults. Most people had a slice of each one to compare them."

"They were delicious & fabulously decorated."

"And it was equally as tasty everyone loved it both taste and presentation can't thank you enough!!!!!"

"They were such a hit! Not only did they look beautiful but they were DELICIOUS!! Thanks again for making my vision come to life!"

"Thank you for the great cake! This one is soooooo good! Logan loved it!!!"

"I don't even like chocolate cake but this is so good!"

"Thanks again for these! They were incredible and made our day so special!!"

"Hi Allyson- cupcakes were amazing. The smash cake was almost too beautiful to eat but it didn’t stop (birthday girl)!"

"Thank you so much for doing this. We are a new FA (food allergy) family and it’s been overwhelming to say the least. It’s really great that you offer this service. The cupcakes were a huge hit and got a lot of compliments- thank you!"

"You got many glowing reviews for your cake! It was the perfect mix of moist, just sweet enough without being too sweet and the little bits of chocolate were a great surprise. Thank you!"

"Allyson, thank you so much for making such amazing egg free cakes!!! The cakes were absolutely beautiful and you couldn't even tell they were egg free. We will definitely recommend you to anyone else looking for any kind of cake. The strawberry lemonade flavor was to die for!"

"Thank you so much for the amazing cake! We all loved it. I received soooo many compliments on it."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for baking us the cakes for party!! They were delicious.”

"It was amazing. Thank you so much for making each cake so special and delicious!"

"Everyone absolutely LOVED the cake It was so moist and flavorful! It was definitely a great treat for me with my allergy. It's hard to find a cake that's dairy-free AND moist. And the decor was perfect! You nailed it Thank you again! I will definitely be a repeat customer."

"Everyone raved about the cake! Thank you so much... I posted a review. I told my husband it was also dairy free and he was blown away. You are a magician!"

"Cannot wait for you to make Braden’s birthday cake this October! These pictures are beautiful and the cupcakes were even MORE beautiful in person, believe it or not! They were a hit. So happy to have met you."

"Hi! Just wanted to send you some pictures. The cupcakes were delicious, thank you!"

"The cupcakes were delicious. That was exquisite artistry. The strawberry lemonade were a 10/10 and the chocolate chips in the chocolate cupcakes were a great surprise!"

"She hooked it up! And each cake gets better and better!"

"Cupcakes were perfect! Thank you!!! Will definitely be ordering again sometime!"

"They were absolutely delicious!! Thanks again—everyone was raving about them!"

"Thank you for the amazing cupcakes! People were raving about them! I should have ordered more of the pumpkin ones for me. Absolutely beautiful and delicious!"

"Once again the cake was a hit!!! I barely have any left!"

"Everyone raved about how beautiful the cupcakes were and enjoyed the dessert!"

"Tell Allyson the cupcakes were lit. There were other desserts and people barely ate those."

"Hi Allyson, thanks again for the awesome cake and cupcakes! They looked and tasted great. Both went real quick at the party!"

"I'm so sorry it has taken so long to thank you for baking an amazing birthday cake for my 40th! It was sooooooo good!"

"This cake was STUNNING and DELICIOUS!"

"Omg it was delicious!!!!! Amazing!!"

"Omg that cake was SO good!!"

"...Thank you for the cake. It was delicious!... It was perfect! He loved it!"

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