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Hi, I’m Allyson of Treats by Allyson and I’m so glad you found my little shop! Like so many other moms, I never expected this to be my life. All that started changing in early 2017.


That’s when we found out that our youngest daughter, Abigail, had life threatening food allergies. Once the initial shock wore off and the fear of our little babe never eating a delicious dessert faded away, I got to work in the kitchen. It was bad - borderline awful even. Our family suffered through the growing pains as I learned to bake with alternative ingredients, but eventually my confidence grew and the desserts got better and better. 


While we were safe and happy in our home, Abigail got older and realized she was always bringing “Abby friendly” treats to birthday parties, and just about everywhere we went outside of our own home. She handles it like a CHAMP, but I can see the disappointment in her eyes and my momma heart shatters. The one time she was able to eat the birthday cake, she looked at me and said, “Momma, I’m eating the same cake as everyone else!” I melted.


Why we exist

Let's be honest, allergy safe food generally has a bad reputation. Dense, dry, grainy, lacking flavor, and possibly even the worst part - expensive and dense, dry, etc. 


My goal is for other food allergy/intolerance families to experience that melting moment just like I did. For a party host to be able to ask what a child is allergic to and have a DELICIOUS cake that is safe for everyone! 


Treats by Allyson is where everyone can eat dessert! I bake allergy friendly treats that taste just as good, if not better, than “normal” treats, at an affordable price. Why? Because I know the pain of constantly paying more just to keep our kid safe!


What you’ll get


All orders are currently baked with dairy and nut free ingredients (even those “almond” and such items) but exceptions can be made if you really want some dairy in your life. Trust me, though, try it once and you won’t miss that dairy milk :) 


Further ingredient omissions and swaps can be made for eggs, gluten, whatever you need, we pride ourselves on being fully customizable from ingredients to flavors to size to color. 


One thing to note is that all Treats by Allyson orders are baked with love in my personal kitchen. We are a food allergy family but not an allergen free house. We’ve taught Abigail how to recognize her allergens, how to ask if things are “Abby friendly” and we keep her safe from her allergens, but the rest of us sometimes eat things she can’t. 

You know how food labels have a “may contain” or “made on shared equipment” label? Same goes here - all of my baking supplies run through the dishwasher after each baking session and allergy free ingredients will be used to match the needs of each individual order.

Come back and visit!

Right now you’ll see lots of cake and cupcakes, but keep an eye out for cookies, candies, muffins and mealtime foods, ranging from healthy to indulgent. I absolutely live for keeping our family and friends healthy and well fed, and I’d love to do the same for you.

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